I was supposed to play nanny.
Not fall in love with a hustla.

RELEASE: October 27, 2022

My "husband" lied about everything except loving me…I think.

I worked in strip clubs from H-Town to NYC.
And I never f*ked with the men in Black House until I met Ice.

The tall, dirty blonde, with eyes so blue they're cold as ice.
He melts my walls and blinded me to his lies.

In a single night, his secret turns my world upside down.
I’m ripped from the pole and put up in his mansion.
And my down-and-out bartender is really a second-generation billionaire.

Still, I accept his proposal and last name.
Because nobody makes me feel seen or protected like him.

But I don’t know if I’m falling for Ice or Ryker Baldwin.
And I’m scared his plans could leave me brokenhearted or dead.

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