I went searching for a one-night stand and found Trell—a bad boy billionaire playing for keeps.

RELEASE: June 15, 2023

Fed up with being the good girl who always finishes last, I set out for a one-night stand, seeking a taste of rebellion.

Little did I know that fate had other plans for me. And his name is Montrell “Trell” Smith.

With his caramel skin, chiseled features, and a body adorned with tattoos. But beneath his rugged exterior, I sense a vulnerability that draws me in even more.

He's a committed father and the man that steps in when my possessive ex-boyfriend spirals out of control, turning violent.

Trell’s a savior, but he ain’t a saint. And I'm an elementary school teacher, done with bad boys.

Yet I can’t deny that he unleashes a passion within me so intense and hot that it singes my skin. With every touch and kiss, he claims more of my heart.

And I must decide: Will I risk it all for him? Or will I let fear win? Either way, there's no turning back.

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